MOTH is an ‘ethnographical’ approach to research. Nikki Salkeld and Ashley Rudolph are both Senior Lecturers on the BA(Hons) Graphic Design course at Falmouth University.

Moth is a research project, which through the discipline of Graphic Design, helps with the unhiding of death. It aims to facilitate problem solving by making ‘tools’* to encourage dialogue about mortality, helping us to find perspective and turning death from something we fear into something we might learn from.

*These Tools are transferable ‘kits’ for both regional and international partnerships to run workshops, seminars and projects. Responding appropriately to the sensitivities of each specific ‘cultural group’ and their collective perspectives on death issues.

Graphic Design by nature is eclectic and draws from a broad reference. It is fundamentally about ideas, problem solving and communication. Research and discovery is critical to our practice as well as our understanding of how visual language and the hierarchy of information can change and communicate meaning. By using objects as initial prompts we have begun to collect written and visual responses to death and mourning. Using this body of work as a core source of reference and source of inspiration. 

MOTH is interested in the formal conventions of death as well as how we might challenge these. We have begun a journey to design type as well as a visual system of death. Respecting for example the Victorian legacy, which is laden with metaphors and meaning, as well as trying to understand more contemporary attitudes to death and mourning. MOTH is interested in the aesthetics of death, the educational implications of this and the design potential for the context it might serve.